Frustrated with a lack of consistent, satisfying results in your magic?

It's possible to reverse your negative unconscious patterns ...

.... and radically increase the amount of really good stuff that you'll allow yourself to have....

.... using principles of ancient thaumaturgy and hermeticism. 

INFLUENCE is an in-depth, utterly life-altering, 12-lesson course in doing exactly that, featuring a thriving, supportive community and recorded Q&As. 

It's already worked for over a thousand participants, and it can work for you, too.


  • A radical, refreshing, hardcore approach to practical magic so that you never have to doubt your power again

    featuring Existential Kink, a rapid approach to shadow integration

  • The ability to receive what you most truly want, all the damn time so you can enjoy your life

    Renaissance magicians called Eros "the vinculum vincolorum" - the chain of chains that binds everything in the universe - you'll learn how to leverage Eros in spellwork

  • Create meaningful relationships with unseen allies so you can enjoy tangible results

    we focus on one of the most potent and uplifting forms of spellcasting - what Marsilio Ficino called "natural magic" - creating relationships with planetary deities

  • Learn at your own pace - the course features live class meetings that are recorded, so you can review them whenever you want

    Class meeting times don't work with you? No problem. You can study the recordings and notes anytime, forever.

  • Become fully who are you are: utterly, unstoppably magic

    this has a lot to do with how willing you are to expand your inner landscape - we do this both with Brahmavihara (god-realm) cultivation and by addressing the dream-like nature of reality head-on

  • Pragmatic theory and action so that you always feel you know what you're doing in your magical practice

    we go in detail about accessing the mysterious substance that transforms all things into beauty and bounty

  • A thriving, active virtual community featuring some of the most brilliant magic folk alive right now

    I can hardly believe how amazing this group of people is. I've never seen another group where the conversation is so heartfelt, intelligent, and inspiring.

  • Inhabit your inner authority and dissolve your blocks so you can conquer your world

    The power is in you. I'm going to show you how to take off the societal sludge that's been blocking it.

For the next 7 days only, available at $199 less than the usual price


Hi! This is me, Carolyn Elliott. 

I want to let you know that this is a rare opportunity to get access to an acclaimed and massively transformative course and community for $199 less than the usual price.

In other words, this sales page with this specific offer will automatically disappear after 7 days. 

I've set things up this way to help you get over deadly procrastination and take the leap to making one of the best decisions of your life.  

Register now and don't miss out!

Maybe you’ve experienced the following…

--- You’ve been interested in magic for years, you know in your heart it’s real, but you’ve never found a practice that makes total sense and just plain works to get you the kind of amazing results you want.

--- You’ve read all the Law of Attraction stuff, and visualizing positive outcomes has worked for you on occasion, but you could just never totally get down with the weird attitude of denial that LoA teachers espouse, plus no one ever explains why it just flat-out fails sometimes.

--- You’ve experienced many stunning synchronicities in your life and times when everything seemed to “just flow” so beautifully, and you wish someone would just show you a step-by-step, repeatable means of harnessing this power and putting it to work perpetually.

I created INFLUENCE: the life-altering course on mastering practical magic to teach people how to do exactly this - to confidently generate stunning results in their lives... with magic.

Hurry, registration at this price will close in just 1 hour. NOTE: when you register, you will automatically receive an email with important course information sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account.

So do not forget to check the email address associated with your PayPal account about 15 minutes after you register!

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  • Amanda Terese Raby
    As a result of INFLUENCE, Not only am I producing some of the best music of my life I am making connections with some of the worlds most successful wizard musicians. I have also started a line of textiles and products for magical people using magical watercolor ritual which is highly therapeutic and meditative. I am diversifying my income streams across a focused niche which requires a baller attitude. It's long overdue that the world sees my art in its full glory and I am making this happen now.
    Amanda Terese Raby
  • Vanessa Long
    This blows the V6-ey, magical, mystical, unicorn and fairy dust wiccan dancey dance stuff right out of the water. This is real magic. I can feel it. I can use it. It makes me feel wicked and wild and real.
    Vanessa Long
  • Layne Arlina
    Since working with the Influence material I've also seen my relationship with my boyfriend expand in all directions. He's also doing the course and I see the changes in him too. We're owning our power, baby steps but big ones in this world of conventionality. I find him more sexy and I'm excited to see him grow further into himself, and share that with the world.
    Layne Arlina
  • Sami Knowles
    I could go on for days about the benefits and positive changes I've seen in my life thanks to INFLUENCE. To sum up: it's been incredibly profound and grounding on every level.
    Sami Knowles
  • Nirmala Nataraj
    The environment that Carolyn creates is nothing short of magical and profound. This isn't bullshit Law of Attraction platitudes--it's deep, courageous journeying (with plenty of beautiful community for support) that will take you into the core of who you truly are. It is an experience that asks nothing less of your full commitment and willingness to discover what you are made of, so unless you're ready for dramatic change, don't even bother.
    Nirmala Nataraj
  • Claire Franklin
    INFLUENCE is like the missing piece of the puzzle. There can't be light without dark. Most other classes teach you to run from that side of yourself. Carolyn teaches full integration of your whole self, which is way more powerful magic. What I've gotten out of this course is self-acceptance of all of me, no matter what. I've been feeling sexy and powerful. Carolyn's teaching style is raw and real, there's no fluff or feel-good bullshit that gets you nowhere.
    Claire Franklin
  • Cynthia Poulanovich
    Since I started INFLUENCE, my love life has shifted, I've gotten a lot more work, and little and big synchronicities are flowing more and more to me every day. Existential Kink in particular has been groundbreaking for me. I've moved so much stuck energy of trauma and patterns that has (as was promised) started to increase the synchronicity of my life and accelerate the beneficial outcomes of my intentions. In the process, I've discovered that no previous trauma work has helped me nearly as much in my ability to squarely face the traumas, move through them and past them, and, finally, leave them in the past, where they can no longer rule my present reality. Very powerful work.
    Cynthia Poulanovich
  • Demelza Fox
    I would say if you are looking for an actual, practical way of engaging with your inner demons and breaking free of them, this course is the bomb. It's not easy and it's a LOT of work, but I feel like after years of people telling me the wishy washy light way to make change, "do affirmations for what you want! Make a dream board! Hold your intention and it will come true!" Carolyn's actually given us a no-bullshit guide to transformation and magic. She's not about light and unicorns, so she doesn't discount the dark and it isn't a load of wanky new age crap that doesn't get you anywhere.
    Demelza Fox
  • Nicole Diaz
    If you are like me, you are probably turned off by the fantastical air of "magic"-- like it's a darker version of New Age escapism. Trust me, that's not what this course is about. Grounded in an elegant understanding of universal principles, it offers you the very real opportunity to work more effectively with life in a way that captures and enthralls your subconscious mind (which is where all the power is). Going through life without doing this kind of work is like trying run up a hill with a rock tied to your legs. You might be able to do it, but it's rather tiring and not so fun.
    Nicole Diaz
  • Erin Hammond
    What I have learned from Carolyn in INFLUENCE is unlike anything I have read or learned. Everything I have learned from Carolyn and the course resonated with me so, so much and it really helped me tap into my magic. I was able to finally get a grasp on things that I have been trying to figure out for years.
    Erin Hammond
  • Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles
    Since I began working with Carolyn Elliott everything has changed for me. I'm in a better position emotionally, financially, and creatively than I have ever been. Carolyn Elliot takes no prisoners, and I love it. More than any other teacher of magic out there, she's able to articulate complex ideas in a way that's easy to understand but doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator. She's brilliant, ballsy, hilarious and encourages her students to reach far beyond whatever they thought they were capable of. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck and is ready to drop all the bullshit in their lives and just start doing the thing they want to do, be it spiritually, emotionally, financially or all of the above. If you're ready for greatness, take this class!
    Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles

For much less than the cost of a weekend getaway, a lifetime's worth of transformative power

Participants in the first rounds of the course told me that INFLUENCE should cost at least $1500, because they've paid far more than that for workshops and events that have had much less of a positive impact on their lives.

Still, I'm not going to charge you $1500 for INFLUENCE.

I'm going to charge you a lot less than that, because for right now I want the course to be widely accessible and I want it to be an easy decision for you to say "HELL YES!" to doing it.

The Story Behind INFLUENCE

Through a series of shocks - I discovered the handful of things that do work in practical magic. This is what I teach in INFLUENCE: what works.

That's why it's the life-altering course on mastering practical magic, and not the "kind of okay, half-way interesting course on mastering practical magic."

The Witch Hunt

In the Summer of 2013, I experienced a real-life witch hunt. By which I mean: lots of people in my local community wanted to burn my reputation at the stake because they didn't like the way I did my magic.

It all started on the night of the Summer Solstice, when I was in rare form.

Wearing only a fluffy white fur jacket, electric blue miniskirt and some leather cowboy boots, I stood up in front of hundreds of people in my local magical community and led a large-scale ritual to re-balance the masculine and feminine energies in the world. 

The midnight ritual, on a torch-lit plateau over-looking my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, featured a dance between 6 pairs of men and women, which culminated with the women sitting astride the prone men. 

By all accounts, all the pairs I had recruited for the dance enjoyed the ritual immensely - and the crowd did, too.

I literally luxuriated in the afterglow the rest of the night.

I lay on a cozy blanket under the summer moonlight, feeling grateful for the opportunity to do such satisfying public ritual work. 

I was flat-broke and living well below the poverty level, miserable in my romantic life, unhappy with my body most days....

....but at least I could work hard and organize and promote a gorgeous Summer Solstice party and ritual and feel the love of my grateful community flow back to me. 

My life was at frustratingly stuck low point, but at least I had my ambitious magic and my community.

So imagine my horror and pain one afternoon when I logged onto Facebook, and saw that on the event page for the ritual...

....only to find that another prominent leader in the local magical  community, a man I respected, who had once been a friend and colleague of mine - we'll call him John -  was accusing me of having led a "misandrist male rape ritual" the night before. 

John also mentioned that I was a scheming, untrustworthy bitch with self-serving intentions -  and plenty of folks - folks I had invited to parties and events and rituals and socialized with for years -  were agreeing with him. 

I responded with a defense of myself and called on other friends to help defend my reputation and good character.

Before I knew it, the thread where John stated his displeasure with me had over 2000 comments in response to it.  

The whole community who had attended the ritual and also people from the other side of the planet got involved. It was an all-out virtual battle on that Facebook event wall that lasted 3 days.

Finally, worn down after 3 days of arguing and being insulted and insulting right back, I typed on the mammoth thread:

"John - hey. Look, this is weird but actually I love you. I understand that you feel like I've wronged you and a lot of other people. Could you just tell me what you want from me now?"

And his answer was a giant jolt to my system. 

It went something like this:

"I love you too. And I think you're very, very powerful. I just want to see you admit that you have a real dark side.

I want you to stop acting like you're Little Miss Love'n'Light. You're a dangerous, Machiavellian political strategist, and you're brilliant and I respect you, but your disingenuousness is nauseating. I want you to stop lying about who and what you are."

Here's what gave me such a jolt about that:

He was absolutely right.  

It took me some time to fully understand how right he was.

But immediately I felt a giant, resounding feeling of "truth" in my body when I read his words.

I was indeed a fluffy, two-faced, fake-nice "inspirational leader."

I wasn't owning my real hungers or abilities at all.

The Humbling Problem and the More Humbling Solution

I finally began to understand what my problem was, the problem that had been holding me back in all areas of my life: I was terrified and ashamed of my own deep, dark desires for power, for wealth, for influence.

I thought I couldn't be loved or welcome anywhere unless I was "sweet." I thought I had to be "a light-worker."


Today I accept that I'm a fierce bad bitch witch - and in John's words - "a dangerous, Machiavellian political strategist" among some other rather dark things.

In my acceptance of that I am much more happy and more free.

And other people are so, so much more safe around me than they were when I was pretending to be Lil Miss Love'n'Light.

To get to this place, I had an epiphany.

I realized I needed to dive deep into learning to do exactly what I now am privileged to teach in INFLUENCE: profound shadow integration, the key to all effective practical magic. 

So I'm very grateful to John. Because of his calling me out (however rudely), I'm more capable and skilled and joyful now than ever before.

Of course, John should have just written an email to me about his discomfort with my modus operandi instead of concocting his whole nutty public "male rape" accusation and enrolling dozens of people in witch hunting me - but us magic folk tend to be rather over-dramatic, and I guess he reads too many Men's Right's blogs. 

Then again, the public witch hunt might have been exactly what I need to really get my attention. 


My First Try at Shadow Integration

Having realized through that dramatic intervention that I needed to own my dark side, I began looking for wisdom about shadow integration.

So of course I turned to Carl Jung, the ground-breaking Swiss psychologist who first offered up the idea of shadow integration.

Jung's work is rich on descriptions of the shadow, but he doesn't offer much in the way of "how-to."

But I did glean from him the idea that the shadow (and also, according to Jung, the anima / animus), is the part of the soul that we don't consciously identify with. 

So I figured that shadow integration would involve consciously identifying with and rooting for these hidden, disowned parts of me.

So bit by bit, slowly, gropingly, I began to experiment with strange ways to do exactly that. 

And guess what?

They worked!

I began to experience a giant liberation of my energy from my old boring patterns and notions about who I was, and that liberated energy was now free to create positive, real results in my life.

So these are the occult processes that now form the backbone of what I teach in INFLUENCE.

The One Real Conspiracy

As I go deeper and deeper into my magical practice and shadow integration, I realize at a more profound level this truth:

It wasn't my fault that I was disconnected from my magic, and afraid to be the masterful being I really am.

And likewise, it's not your fault, or the fault of anyone else that we have so little idea how to inhabit our huge, in-born magical power and end up stuck in frustrating, yucky patterns.

It's not our fault because the world has been burdened with a huge suppression and shaming of the feminine for over 3000 years now.

And when I say "the feminine" I mean that dimension of every human being, of every phenomenon, and in all of nature, that is essentially dark, chthonic, fertile, chaotic, ungraspable. 

[Ironic aside: The fateful night of that Summer Solstice, I orchestrated a giant ritual to balance the masculine and the feminine in the world, and I ended up learning to encounter and embrace the deep feminine (the shadow, the dark, the chthonic) in myself (I am a microcosm of the world) thanks to an dude accusing me of male rape and misandry. Hilarious! Magic works in mysterious ways!]

So please don't be hard on yourself if you've struggled to connect with and wield your real power - because there's a massive, ingrained, world-wide shaming of the feminine that has conspired to cripple us magically.

Our common enemy is shame in all its guises.

Fear might be the mind-killer, but shame is the magic-killer. 

I've learned how to remove giant layers of shame in order to liberate my magical energy, and then how to use old-fashioned spells and rituals to channel and focus that energy to experience real, tangible positive results in my life. 

And I've found this to be true not only in my life, but in the lives of hundreds of people around the world whom I've had the privilege to teach.

Just check out the testimonials above and below to see what I mean. 

Once I realized the truth about what was blocking me from my power, the practical results of my spell work came fast.

One small example:

I was living in poverty in 2013 and for the majority of my life. But when doing my taxes at the end of this past year, I realized I had made $300,000 in 2017. 

Now that success obviously had to do with some mundane hustling that I did -- but I know in my heart that it also had a giant amount to do with shedding the burdens of shame and aversion that I figured out how to release in my integration work. 

I also learned there were hidden, surprise benefits to learning how to do this intense process of integration:

My spirit allies (the deities and ancestors I work with) now respond much faster to my requests and spells.

I fell in love with my physicality and started to enjoy my body in a way I never had before.

I experienced my self-doubt falling away and my whole conception of myself changing for the better.

My life gained a gigantic sense of purpose as I began to see how liberation was really possible and how I could help others attain it.

I created INFLUENCE to share the wealth of freedom and power that's come to me.

So I want to invite you to go ahead, pay for the course, and save your spot.

I do suggest that you make the decision to commit quickly though, both because registration is only open for one week and because space in the course is limited and the last time I offered it, it sold out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've studied Wicca and Neo-Pagan stuff before. Is this just going to be a rehash of that?

Answer: Not at all. The kind of magic I do and teach has a lot more in common with Tibetan tantric Buddhism and American folk magic than it does with Wicca. This ain't your nice auntie's witchcraft. This is some hardcore, existentially intense witchery.

Absolutely no one at any point will tell you "Blessed be."


Question: I love the idea of the course but money is tight right now and I don't know if it's wise for me to spend money on a class on magic. What should I do?

Answer: I understand totally. I lived below the poverty level for the first decade of my adult life. So I don't like to ask anyone to invest in any course with me unless I'm certain that if they do the work, they will experience a return of at least 20 times what they invested.

Based on the results that participants in the first three rounds of INFLUENCE experienced, I can say that I am fully confident that if you do the work of this class you will get back more than 20 times what you put into it, financially and emotionally and spiritually.

You'll be amazed the kind of results you're able to create in your life when you know how to liberate the energy that's currently put into repressing your shadow.


Question: I'm not sure the course is for me but I want to try it. Is there a refund policy? 

Answer: I don't offer refunds. If you don't  yet trust me as a teacher or trust yourself to learn from me, read more of my essays which are freely available on WITCH (there's dozens of them) or order my book, Awaken Your Genius on Amazon. See if your trust grows. 

Only sign up for INFLUENCE if you are fully committed to doing the work of the class, and you trust me to teach you this material. 

I want participants in this course who are totally invested in and ready for their profound magical development. 

Question: Could you tell me about the logistical details of the class?

Answer: Certainly. 

The course lasts for 12 weeks, with one lesson delivered each week (in PDF text and in audio MP3 format), and with 6 live Q&A webinars (one welcome webinar to get comfy with each other, and then a Q&A webinar at the end of each month for the duration of the course - October,  November, December - and a wrap-up Q&A webinar at the end of August  see live Q&A webinar dates, listed below).  

Invitations to the Q&A webinars will be sent out via email and to the Facebook group on the morning before the Q&A.

All class meetings are recorded and made available for your later use, along with PDF class notes. So you have this material with you forever and you can study it at your leisure. 

Much of the activity and discussion of the course happens in our private Facebook group

The live Q&A webinar dates are as follows:
Wednesday, October 3rd -  7 pm Eastern - Welcome Get-Together 

Wednesday, October 24th at 7 pm Eastern

Wednesday, November 28th  at 7 pm Eastern 

Wednesday, December 19th at 7 pm Eastern  

Wednesday, January 2nd at 7 pm Eastern

The live Q&As will be taught by Annie Derek and Crystal Woodling, my best friends and coven-mates.  Annie and Crystal will also be facilitating discussion in the group. 

The 12 Lesson PDFs and audios will be sent out every Monday, starting October 1st. 

Question: What if I can't make the live Q&A webinar classes?

Answer: That's no problem at all. You'll have access to video recordings of all the class meetings, along with PDF class notes. I do encourage you to come to the live Q&A classes though, because they're very fun.

Question: I want to do this course but I'm very busy. How much time does it take?

Answer:  There's no way for me to erase or sugar-coat the truth that intensive magical transformation takes daily effort. Here's a rough break down of what kind of time investment you could expect INFLUENCE to involve:

Once a month: A virtual class Q&A meeting via webinar that lasts about 60 minutes.

Every day: About 30 minutes invested in daily practices (details given in the course).

Whenever you feel like it: About 30 minutes spent reading and writing posts and comments in our private Facebook group.

That's not a giant time commitment to revolutionize your whole existence and sense of your own magical power.

Question: I'm new to magic and I have so many questions! Does me joining this class mean that you'll be available to answer all of my questions any time if I tag you in the Facebook group?

Answer: It's awesome that you have many questions! There's so much to learn!  

There will be at least 200 new participants in our Facebook group, and only 1 of me, so with those overwhelming odds it's not possible for me to make myself available to answer questions personally all the time.

That's how I would become a burnt-out and cranky witch real fast. 

So this is what I suggest in order to satisfy your curiosity about issues that come up in the course:

1. Ask yourself first - what feels intuitively right to you? This may be all you need to do. Practice inhabiting your own magical authority. Magic isn't a science, it's an art. It's much more about style and play than dogma.

2. If you feel genuinely stumped and conflicted, I suggest addressing your question to the group. There will be many participants in the Facebook group who also took previous rounds of INFLUENCE, have experience with this work, and will be inclined to help you if you ask your question in a concise and respectful way.

3. Make a note of your question and save it to ask me on one of our live webinar Q&A class meetings. I will be available to personally answer questions live on our webinar meetings.

Question: I don't use Facebook. Should I still sign up for the course?

Answer: Ah. Well, I understand resisting the juggernaut of Mark Zuckerberg - but still - I would not recommend it. You'll miss too much discussion and interaction with me and the other participants.  

However, if you register for the course without joining our FB group, you'll still receive the Lessons and the invites to our live webinar Q&As via email, so there's that.

Question: What's the atmosphere in the group like?

Answer: It's lively, provocative, smart, and very fun. Some participants have made deep friendship connections in the group.

Note: I welcome diverse ideas and experiences discussed in the group and I maintain a standard of everyone expressing themselves with lots of respect and generosity towards everyone else - including me and my assistant, Karolina Boldt.

Without batting an eyelash, I will immediately remove anyone from the group who disrupts that atmosphere of respect and generosity.

I don't refund people whom I have to remove from the group for being disrespectful or unkind to me or others - so if that's your style of online communication, please also refrain from registering for the course.


What Folks are Saying about INFLUENCE

Join dozens of other astounding witches from around the world. 

  • Shantala Surya
    This is the BEST ass kicking you will get to Deeply shift your life from stagnant and confusing into a beautiful pattern of change that reveals better options for life than you've seen before. The energy and vibe that surrounds you alone, is definitely worth the investment.
    Shantala Surya
  • Audry Worster
    So far, since I’ve been learning and practicing in INFLUENCE, I’ve become a more active participant in my life. Not only is my attention and energy more liberated, I am able to address and focus in on areas of my life that I previously avoided. I’ve been able to dig into some of my biggest projects with surprising results. INFLUENCE is not for the timid because it requires that you confront and clear out the things that you use to keep yourself complacent in life. Influence can work like a reset button, liberating your tight pattern to expansion.
    Audry Worster
  • The first concrete results for me from INFLUENCE have been clearer synchronicities, getting extra work than I had before (thus making more money), and being presented with more opportunities for personal growth. Carolyn's teaching style is concise and articulate. She is one of the few teachers I've strongly identified with and I've come to deeply appreciate Carolyn for the beautiful human being she is and the teaching she has to offer. Better than every fucking Tony Robbins/new agey/ "love n light"/ spiritual psychobabble bullshit you will ever fork out money for. If you want REAL results, if you want to learn REAL down 'n' dirty, booty grinding, no holds barred practical magic, this is it. Trust me, you'll thank me later ;)
    Zac Miller
  • Jen Eldritch
    My everyday life feels magical, thanks to INFLUENCE. It's not just when I'm pulling tarot cards or making sigils. Paying attention to synchronicity, making offerings, the magical worldview affirmation, and appreciating eros, in particular, are daily practices that have made me feel more present & like I am in a relationship with the spiritual forces around me, which in turn makes me feel more confident and powerful as a witch. Since beginning the course I have effectively manifested the perfect apartment and the love situation I was hoping for. Which is really exciting!
    Jen Eldritch
  • Angela Armstrong
    A result I've experienced from INFLUENCE: I KNOW how powerful I am. I know that I do not need to second guess myself or doubt. The Universe will always always show me where I am and what I'm thinking. I feel know that there is nothing to be afraid of that it's all a dream and I'm creating it. I know that there is no bad or good. It's all ME and that's just kickass.
    Angela Armstrong
  • INFLUENCE changed my life more rapidly than anything I have found up to this time.
    Luna Martin Ynostroza
  • Isobel Stevens
    I thought I couldn't afford INFLUENCE, then I decided I couldn't afford not to do it. Carolyn's thorough engagement with Jungian psychology allows me to trust her completely, and I have not had a moment of regret.
    Isobel Stevens

Get it while it lasts

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Act now to reserve your spot in the life-altering course on practical magic.

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So do not forget to check the email address associated with your PayPal account about 15 minutes after you register!