So you want to attract fans and convert them into paying clients and customers? Okay then. Let's go.

Hi there, I'm Carolyn Elliott, the bad bitch with a bodhisattva vow.

I'm the editor of WITCH magazine and teacher of INFLUENCE, the popular course on practical magic

After years of struggling in poverty to build my own online presence and business, I had one of those super-intense, Scarlett O'Hara type moments:

"As God is my witness, as God is my witness they're not going to beat me. I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again!"

And now I'm here to share with you what I learned in my journey to success as an online entrepreneur with consistent multi-6-figure profits.

  • Exponentially grow your online audience

    By the end of the THRILL, you'll have a perfect plan in place to exponentially grow your online audience. Using the exact method that I'll teach you, I grew mine from 100 to 30,000 responsive fans.

  • Move at a perfect pace

    You receive all resources via email every other week and have access to the powerful THRILL community. You will also receive video recordings of Q&A sessions for every lesson and recordings of tech hand-holding videos, which have been especially valuable for my students. The bi-weekly rhythm gives you time to digest and implement what you've learned before you get the next lesson.

  • Connect to a stimulating community

    You'll gain access to the private THRILL Facebook group where you can connect with other participants (including the folks who already went through the first two iterations of the course), mastermind the growth of your empire, and sharpen your social-web-writing chops. I personally already know many of the people who will be in THRILL, and I can guarantee you that they are some of the world's most-happening movers and shakers. You want to be a part of this valuable network.

  • Learn to create content that grips the heart and just doesn't let go

    You'll learn my closely-guarded collection of trade secrets for easily generating writing that grabs the hearts and minds and guts of readers in a way that makes them feel thrilled to share your work and buy your offerings.

  • The bold solutions that work

    Shortly after I decided I would never go hungry again, I tore down my velvet curtains, made a dress out of them, and got very bold in my approach to online writing and business. And wouldn't you know? It worked. These days my business brings in over 6-figures a year and I'm living it up instead of shivering and surviving on Hot Pockets in a decrepit little apartment. So now I'm very eager to share what I found with other artsy magical oddballs like myself.

  • The foundation of your online business

    I'm not only going to show you how to work magic with your writing, I'll also guide you step-by-step through the process of getting clear on exactly what it is you have to offer, how you'll offer it, and who you're offering it to.

  • Benefit from my in-depth experience as a teacher and creativity professional

    I've been at this for awhile. I wrote my doctoral dissertation on how to teach in a way that enlivens the soul (based on my own in-classroom pedagogical research), plus I wrote *the* book on how to wake up your creative genius. (It's called Awaken Your Genius, and it's available on Amazon, published by North Atlantic Books!) My writing students at the University of Pittsburgh regularly told me I was the best teacher they ever had in their lives and nominated me for the school's "Most-Outstanding Teacher" award seven years in a row!

  • Have clients and customers come to you, not the other way around

    I'm not gonna lie: this one is a tricky art to master (but totally worth the effort!) and it will take you some time and practice to totally nail it. I trust that you will nail it, though, because I'll reveal to you the precise principles and actions that create an aura of magnetism around you so that you don't have to ever again feel like you're scraping and begging. You'll be able to know exactly where you are on the path to achieving this delightful state of affairs, and you'll know exactly what steps you need to take to advance yourself further. No more scratching your head, flailing around, and wondering what you're doing wrong.

  • Write for the social web with pure confidence

    Like other THRILL course participants before you, you'll experience a revolution in your writing and public performance confidence, you'll deeply connect with people who matter to you and your business, and you'll know the value of your voice and your message deep in your bones. No more self-doubt.

  • Enjoy Lessons from one of the world's best teachers

    My skill as a teacher is something I'm not sorry to brag about. My students in INFLUENCE and the first three iterations of THRILL rave about my effectiveness as a teacher and my fun style (see the testimonials below). You'll find that the THRILL Lessons, and the Q&A and tech hand-holding recordings are permeated with a sense of joy that makes this challenging work much easier to approach.

  • Tech Hand-Holding

    In addition to the 5 THRILL Lessons, you'll receive 5 tech hand-holding video recordings where I share my screen with you and lead you piece-by-piece through setting up important tech elements that you need to build your online presence - like an email service provider, and creating basic Facebook ads.

  • It's easy to get started!

    Once you register and pay for THRILL you'll be automatically led to an intake form. By filling that out and submitting it, you'll get onto the THRILL email list. Via email on June 25th (once registration has closed), you'll receive instructions about your pre-assignment and an invite to our private Facebook group.

  • See your social stats skyrocket

    Previous THRILL course participants have had their essays shared over 10,000 times once they put the THRILL methods into practice. So I can say with confidence that if you put in the effort (it's easier than you think!), your fans, follows, visitors, page views, subscribers and conversion rates will all spring up to dizzying new heights when you implement what you learn in THRILL.

  • Facebook itself will become your best-friend with benefits

    Ah, Facebook, that most hated of online mediums, that source of terrible distraction. I'll show you how to harness Facebook's real potential as one of the greatest publishing platforms a creator could ever ask for. You'll be networking like a jetsetter in no-time, and feel fully in-control of your social media destiny.

  • An irreverent approach that's also no-nonsense

    I know that pain is unavoidable, yet suffering is optional. So I definitely believe in learning to work smarter rather than harder. At the same time I'm a boot-strapped success story myself with a down-home Appalachian work ethic (my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the Paris of Appalachia, in case you didn't know), and I DO NOT have patience for folks who aren't willing to get their hands dirty. So if you're totally willing to put in the effort (you just haven't known what steps to take) then I'm the teacher that you want.

  • A vibrant masterclass full of other participants who stretch wide and do the work

    I'm only interested in having people in THRILL who are willing to do the work, take risks, stretch, and feel the inevitable pain of climbing the learning curve. So this is a self-selecting group of people who want to do the work and who want to challenge themselves. Which in itself is thrilling!

What THRILL can do for you


Hi there, this is me, Carolyn - just wanted to say I'm very glad you're thinking about investing in THRILL. 

If you're good at writing and good at the service that you offer, THRILL shows you how to sell that fearlessly & effectively to the whole world. 

It breaks the process of audience-expansion down into do-able, functional steps - so you can move forward with confidence and stop spinning your wheels. 

Many people who've taken THRILL and put the (not-overwhelming) work in - have quit their day jobs, massively expanded their followings, and found the attitude and tools to massively thrive online. 

Make a good living from your laptop - or don't. Up to you. Registration for THRILL is open now and closes at midnight, Eastern USA time on Monday, June 25th.

Building an online audience of devoted fans with your writing is a simple route to being able to sell products and services from anywhere in the world.

The THRILL lessons give you the inside scoop on how to do this, and then you'll have the huge peace and freedom that comes from never having to work A Real Job again.

Once you register and pay for THRILL you'll be automatically led to an intake form.

By filling that out and submitting it, you'll get onto the THRILL email list.

Via email on June 25th (once registration has closed), you'll receive instructions about your pre-assignment and an invite to our private Facebook group.

The THRILL Lessons (in audio & PDF form) and recordings of Q&A sessions and tech hand-holding sessions will be sent out to you via email on a bi-weekly schedule (see below). 

Feel free to email my assistant, Karolina Boldt, at with any questions or concerns that you may have.

After purchasing, please be sure to check the email associated with your PayPal account for your receipt and welcome message from me! 

Yes! I'm ready to pay and register right now for THRILL - I understand my time to sign up is limited
  • Dena Crowder, acclaimed coach and transformer of story
    "As a direct result of putting Carolyn's marvelous techniques into practice, my income has steadily increased. In fact, what I call "Carolyn U" has been more helpful than any of the advice being touted by many so-called "marketing and internet experts" or gurus. Her methods are simple, practical, and what's more, they are fun. They're also methods that are in integrity with who I really am. Much of what passes for excellent marketing advice is a dastardly recipe of disingenuousness: "Walk this way, talk this way, smile that way, and say these exact words so people will like you, trust you, and buy your stuff." Of course, it generally has nothing to do with who you are at essence. This mean's that it's boring (in the best case scenario) or downright soul-crushing. THRILL is different. You get to be an intensified version of you, an archetypal version, and share that with the world.
    Dena Crowder, acclaimed coach and transformer of story
  • Demelza Hillier, one of the world's most in-demand professional mermaids
    The awesomest thing about THRILL is that it made me feel excited about things that I have been too scared to do for ages. Carolyn has a way of phrasing things and describing stuff so it makes unbelievable sense, sounds fun and exciting to do and most importantly makes you realise that it is OK TO BE WHO YOU ARE at this game and that you don't have to turn into some ninja wheatgrass chugging financial analyst perfect life adult to do this online money thing. I can be my weird mermaid loving hippy sex n' death self and still make a difference, still be effective, still make the money roll in. I feel like I have been given the magic secret to actually making money doing what I want to do and what I enjoy doing, it's not confusing or covered in crappy busywork like "you need to niche up" or "writing a 10 point business plan" or whatevs. Just the stuff that actually works. I am so excited with what I can now do with my business now I have done this course, in a way I haven't been excited or hopeful about any course before. I came away from every lesson laughing, excited, hopeful and feeling like IT'S POSSIBLE.
    Demelza Hillier, one of the world's most in-demand professional mermaids
  • Camelia Elias, professor, writer, and cartomancer at Taroflexions (
    To those thinking about taking THRILL: Absolutely, go for it. Useful and magical. Well done, Carolyn and thank you for all your work. You are a very competent teacher. All best wishes, and looking forward to continuing working with you.
    Camelia Elias, professor, writer, and cartomancer at Taroflexions (
  • Karolina Boldt, writer and coach
    I had no experience at all in writing for an online audience. Carolyn convinced me to give it a go and by using the instructions taught in THRILL I've since written many hit essays that got published on WITCH magazine, Rebelle Society, and Elephant Journal. I've grown my following quite a bit and gained many coaching clients, too!
    Karolina Boldt, writer and coach
  • Laila Ibrahim, best-selling author of Yellow Crocus
    “Before working with you, Carolyn, I had a feeling that because there’s always more to do somehow what I do is never enough - and now I accept that I’ve done enough. I have a shift into ease around whatever it is I create in the world. Now I know: no one else can create artistically what I can create. That’s just how it works. I got the message as a kid that art doesn’t work. And now I’m stepping into the world where oh my God it does count! - emotionally, financially, I know I'm transforming the world. I can create more love and justice in the world and I can do it through art. I don’t have to do it through organizing. In our time working together, a giant dream of mine has come true - my book has been optioned to become a movie! I've learned from our work together that I really really do like being fueled by desire and creativity rather than adrenaline and motivation. And I’ve found out in some really core way that it’s my children’s job to be proud of me so I don’t have to worry about that. Your coaching has definitely worked for me!
    Laila Ibrahim, best-selling author of Yellow Crocus
  • THRILL is a relaxed yet information potent course, that helps you unlock your full potential in developing an online business or presence. I would definitely recommend THRILL to anyone looking to craft and exemplary voice, that gets heard on the internet. THRILL has been extremely valuable for me in developing my writing confidence and even just my confidence in general! The skills you learn to apply to business and writing, are also applicable to to your life, and you see yourself transforming in all aspects. Carolyn's teaching style allows you to manouvoure the course with no pressure and with your own style. She answers all questions and is not afriad to share as much as she can, including her encouragement and support. The people I've met through THRILL are incredibly smart, inspiring visionaries. I'm so grateful for the connections I've made and the support and accountability that comes from group work.
    Samantha Mant
  • From taking THRILL, I understand a lot more about writing stuff that people actually want to read! THRILL really helped me achieve a balance between being true to my message, and getting it across. This has been a real game-changer for me. Just sign up, the value you will get out of THRILL is well worth the investment. Carolyn's teaching style is fun, deep, no-frills, and yet magical. Her style of teaching is so good that I would seriously consider enrolling in one of her courses even if I wasn't interested at all in the subject matter.
    Rafaello Manacorda

Choose your payment plan:

The investment for THRILL isn't small or inconsiderable. $199 a month for 5 months - that's a solid chunk of cash right there.  

And also - buying THRILL is an  investment that sets you up for a life-time of freedom and confidence in your business when you put the work in.  So. Worth. It.  

Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider making an investment of time and money in THRILL 2.0, you've probably got questions. That's awesome.

Because I've got answers.

Q. I'm a little bit nervous about spending a good chunk of money on an online class. Can you address my concern?

A. I totally understand. Money is nice to have, and I'm always eager to hold on to it, myself.

So when I'm making a decision to invest money in any kind of coaching or class, I always ask myself: can I expect to soon experience an emotional, financial, and spiritual return on this investment that's at least 20 times what I'm putting in?

If my answer is "yes," then I go for it. And I would like to assure you: your emotional, financial, and spiritual return on your investment in THRILL  will be 20 times what you put in. 

Think about it this way: the skills, attitudes, and tools that you'll learn to wield in THRILL will grow your online audience exponentially and show you how to create the foundations of your online business to convert those fans to paying customers and clients.

So you'll both have way more potential buyers and you'll know how to convert potential buyers into customers and clients, which means you will certainly see a 20-fold financial yield on your investment as you implement what you learn in THRILL.

Emotionally, THRILL will have you feeling much more confident and at peace about your ability to enjoy a wildly fulfilling career and your ability spread your message to the world. You'll also have the emotional joy and uplift of getting to know and collaborate with your fellow participants in the class, people who are amazing solopreneurs and artists and authors from all around the world. 

Spiritually, the writing assignments and the work you'll do in THRILL will vitalize and electrify you. 

Overall, I hope I've made clear why I believe THRILL is an all-around excellent investment so you can totally relax about your goodness and your smartness as you decide to buy it.

Q. I hear that - and I really want to take THRILL but I can't afford it. What should I do? Do you offer scholarships?

This is a question that's dear to my heart because for years I was a grad student on a tight budget, and then for a harrowing period of time I was a freelance resume writer with a PhD but no money to buy groceries, and water pouring in through the leaky ceiling in winter.

I can remember sometimes even feeling bitter or resentful when I would see trainings or courses offered that I knew would really help me but which I felt like I couldn't afford.

I had this feeling like I should just be given those classes for free. I later discovered that this attitude of mine was called "entitlement" and it in itself was a big stumbling block to my success.

My fortunes did not change until I became willing to take a positive risk and invest in my own business education.

In my case, I borrowed money from family and used credit cards in order to purchase classes and coaching that I knew in my heart I needed in order to give me the strength and confidence to build my online platform.

I made an agreement and a commitment deep within myself ("I will never go hungry again!" that I would squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of those resources, implement what I learned, and create a return on my investment so I could pay those debts.

And that do-or-die commitment was part of my transformation.

I don't offer scholarships because I don't want to deprive you of the fun of digging core-deep and finding out what really matters to you and what you're really willing to do to get to where you want to be.

I'm someone who's very averse to borrowing and I'm not at all a fan of debt in general - and also, I have never regretted doing what I knew I had to do in order to move myself forward.

Of course only you know what's right for your situation.

Q. I tend to put things off and I'm resistant to doing assignments. Should I take THRILL?

In short, no. Please don't.

I very much understand what it's like to struggle with blocks and procrastination, and dissolving blocks is something I address in my course on practical magic, INFLUENCE.

So you may want to make sure you're on my WITCH email list (the sign up form is at and wait until INFLUENCE opens for registration in Fall  2018 if you know you've got procrastination and creativity blocks to work on before you'll be able to do this work.

THRILL is intended for people who are ready and willing and able to go all-in.  

The assignments are not grueling and they take about two hours each to complete.

Add to that time spent watching Q&A video sessions and tech hand-holding videos... and time in discussion in the group... and probably you'll get to 10 hours.

To my mind, 10 hours every fortnight is a completely modest and reasonable time to invest in stretching yourself and setting up the foundations of a life of financial independence.

So if you are not totally committed to devoting 10 hours every fortnight to creating a life of freedom for yourself ...

....  then do not sign up for this course.

Please, leave room for the people who are ready and committed right now.

As much as it would be cool if I could simply wave a wand and make you a business success, I don't yet have that particular witchy power.

So you won't get results from the course if you don't put in the time and effort, and I'd rather that you not spend your cash if you're not ready to create a massive return on your investment. 

Q. I don't already have a website and email list service in place - does THRILL teach the tech side of things?

Yes - the heart of THRILL focuses on teaching you the writing and creative strategies for building a compelling online presence.  

And there are also going to be "hand-holding" sessions for setting up some tech tools I recommend - where I'll share my screen with you and lead you bit-by-bit through putting things in place - including a Squarespace website and ConvertKit email service. 

It may sound strange to say, but setting up a website and email list is actually the "easy" part of creating an online presence and business.

The truly hard part is getting people to pay attention to your message and feel excited about what you create. 

But I want you to feel you've got a handle on both - so we're covering both ;)

Q. When does the course start and finish?

On June 29th, lesson 1 will be sent out, by then we will have added you to the THRILL Facebook group (with access to all lesson recordings from previous rounds). From then on, you'll receive THRILL lessons every other week on Friday.

The course finishes towards the end of August.

Q. I want to start an online presence and business but I don't know what it is exactly that I want to do yet. Will THRILL help me to figure it out?

The folks who will see the most immediate, dramatic results from THRILL are the ones who already have a clear notion of what service they offer.

That said, the process of creating and growing an audience and a business is often more of a spiral than a straight line - and learning the tools and perspective that I'm teaching in THRILL can definitely help you discover and invent what you want to create... may just find that the results come in a bit later, as it just inevitably takes time to develop your identity and confidence as a business person. 

Q. I'm already busy with my work and family commitments. Will THRILL just make me feel overwhelmed?

No. The THRILL intensive involves just one chunk of input a week: either a lesson (including a Q&A video on the lesson) or a tech hand-holding video.

Here's the schedule:

Friday, June 29th  - lesson 1 + Q&A video on lesson 1

Friday, July 6th - tech hand-holding video 1

Friday, July 13th - lesson 2  + Q&A video on lesson 2

Friday, July 20th - tech hand-holding video 2

Friday, July 27th - lesson 3 + Q&A video on lesson 3

Friday, August 3rd - tech hand-holding video 3

Friday, August 10th - lesson 4 + Q&A video on lesson 4

Friday, August 17th - tech hand-holding video 4 

Friday, August 24th - lesson 5 + Q&A video on lesson 5

Friday, August 31st - tech hand-holding video 5 - -end of course-

All THRILL intensive materials will be distributed to participants via email to study at your convenience.

You'll have two weeks in between lessons to work on your assignments, and two weeks to integrate the information and perspectives that are taught. (On Fridays when there's no lesson sent out, you'll receive step-by-step tech tutorials in video format which you can check out immediately or save for later).

That will likely help you to stay on track with the rest of the group. Plus, I'm a strong believer in killing your perfectionism.

So I assure you, you don't have to do THRILL perfectly in order to get astounding results out of it. You just need to do it, period. 

It's true that there is a commitment of time and effort involved in THRILL, and if you're not interested in putting time and energy into growing your audience and expanding your profit, then the THRILL masterclass definitely isn't for you. 

Q. What's your refund policy?

A. I don't offer refunds.

I would rather that you not register for THRILL  if you're not a total, 100% "HELL YES!" to it, to me, and to the effort it entails.

This program is absolutely not for everyone.  

Also I am absolutely not for everyone.

If you don't already feel that you totally trust me to deliver, I welcome you to spend some more time just reading my free essays on WITCH or and my very accessible book (Awaken Your Genius) on Kindle before making the choice to invest money and time with me for this deep-dive masterclass.

This intensive requires huge courage, risk, commitment, the pain of a learning curve, and pure, uncomfortable work.

This intensive is for potent aspiring solopreneurs, coaches, authors, consultants, and artists who take action instead of making excuses. 

If you are ready to do the work it takes to get visible, vibrant, big, and profitable, then THRILL is for you.

It will teach  you exactly the skills you need to master, the moves you need to make, and the tools you need to get there.

Q. I've taken online classes before and wound up unimpressed and disappointed. How do I know this will be different? 

I know what you mean.

I've been shocked a few times myself by investing in an online business education program that turned out to have about the same level of insight that I could have found in some blog posts by Seth Godin.

I've also had my life totally turned around and revolutionized by online business classes that utterly more-than-delivered on their promises.

So I'm committed to having THRILL be the later kind of experience for you. 

One of the reasons that I've been so excited to create THRILL is that it's an opportunity for me to pour out and weave together step-by-step, highly detailed and precise information about achieving business success online.

It's stuff that I would never be able to fit into a blog post in a million years.

So the whole experience of THRILL is designed to make sure you get the tools, information, attention, and inspiration that you need to reach the results you want. 

If you don't trust me to deliver wholly on this, then do not sign up for THRILL.

Instead, get to know me a bit more. Read my book, Awaken Your Genius, it costs $9 in the Kindle store. Check out my essays on WITCH, they're free.  Come back when you're ready.


  • Patricia Black
    The main thing for me that's come from THRILL is having a sense of clarity on how to go about getting myself published online, from start to finish, which has been a huge confidence booster. I can do this! While I had other stuff going on during the program, I did write one article that received a great response. I got clearer on who my audience is and how to connect with them. Priceless. If you're serious about wanting to get your writing out there online, this is a no-brainer. You are guaranteed to get the tools you need to start getting your work out there confidently. THRILL is a bargain for how packed it is with quality, actionable information. Carolyn: I love that you have done your homework, you know your stuff and you are teaching us based on real experience. You are both brilliant and teach with a lot of depth as well as giving us very practical, usable information. The other students were awesome, intelligent, and involved in the course. I felt like I was among allies, my smart, witchy peeps. Love you,'re rocking my world
    Patricia Black
  • Sam Dollimore, video artist and blogger
    Carolyn has an amazing ability to somehow get right into my most sensitive places and treat them lovingly and with all the care they deserve. When I spoke with her, she saw things happening in me before I did myself. Growth is not always comfortable, and Carolyn has helped me get my head around embracing this discomfort, and as a result I'm able to be more brave, more myself, than I ever thought I could be. The world is not actually as scary as my mind makes it out to be!
    Sam Dollimore, video artist and blogger
  • After taking THRILL, I am not abjectly terrified of sharing myself with the world, just a little trepidatious because of how turned on I truly am about it! Thrill chunked the process down for me so I could chisel away at my fear while at the same time building my skills step by step. If you're thinking about taking THRILL - do it! You will feel 1000% more ready to launch than you do now! I only pay for the best and I have not been let down!
    Jacqui Morris

Register now for THRILL - Registration closes at midnight on Monday, June 25th.

Once you register and pay for THRILL you'll be automatically led to an intake form. By filling that out and submitting it, you'll get onto the THRILL email list.

Via email on June 25th (once registration has closed), you'll receive instructions about your pre-assignment and an invite to our private Facebook group - where you can access all the material from previous rounds of THRILL.

Feel free to email my assistant, Karolina Boldt, at with any questions or concerns that you may have.

After purchasing, please be sure to check the email associated with your PayPal account for your receipt and welcome message from me! 

Yes, I want to pay and register for THRILL - I totally understand this is a limited-time, limited-space-in-the-course offer that I'm scooping up!